I am Jesse McGlown, a veteran, happily married (in fact, thirty one years today, by happy coinicidence!)…proud father of two, and back in the Meat Grinder of college, attempting to “retool” in this new economy.

My fifth-grade school year (during the Dark Ages, the tumultuous sixties!) spawned what would become two life-long hobbies: drumming and stargazing…how eclectic is that combination?

Mug Shot of the Author

Mug Shot of the Author

This blog will hopefully render homage to the latter passion: at ten years old, the astronomy bug bit, and bit hard. That same fifth-grade class did a field trip to a planetarium, back during an era in which the show was an actual whirlwind tour of the night sky, versus the current trend of Star Wars music and giant images of planets and starships thrown on the dome.

For some reason, in the span of the lecturer’s thirty-minute presentation, I was captivated by the night sky…and a little “dot” that he pointed out as Saturn, which just happened to be visible right after dusk at that time of year.

I immediately began lobbying my parents for a telescope. Six months later, I was out at 2:00 am, hunting, hunting (and not a glimmer of the internet on the horizon; I’d done my homework, folks)…and found the ringed planet!

Fast-forward four point five decades, and…nicer equipment, easy access to dark sites for observing, countless evenings (and pre-dawns) under the belt…and the night sky is just as compelling now as it was to that prepubescent little kid in 1968.

So much to cover. This is just another jump-start to what I hope will be a blog site that whets the casual visitor’s appetite, and maybe–just maybe–peaks more than a precursory interest in what can be a sometimes frustrating (reade: whimsical weather) but always enriching lifetime endeavor: stargazing!

Spend a few minutes, and enjoy.

Clear Skies,

Jess McGlown


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