Beach Vista!

Another aside, while we’re waiting for the night sky to significantly change.

By now, some of you might have picked up on the fact that, among all of my other amateur proclivities, I’m also a frustrated photographer…I have a modest point-and-click digital camera, whose envelope I have pushed to the uttermost limit with my celestial shots (meager as they are!). But for simple landscape shots it’s hard to beat a humble, dummy-proof digital camera.

Andrews Park, late afternoon.

Andrews Park, late afternoon.

My wife and I love periodic trips to the beach. One of several amenities to be derived from living in lower Alabama is its proximity to the Gulf Coast: Panama City, Destin, Gulf Shores, Pensacola…all can lay claim to a sliver of what some describe as a stretch of beautiful real estate, the Florida pan handle coast!

Author's Better Half, Ready to Relax!

Author’s Better Half, Ready to Relax!

One of our favorite destinations, due south, across Andrews Bay is the park bearing the same moniker. Andrews park boasts a section of pristine, virtually untouched beach…what some describe as “Old Florida”, the way it used to look prior to real estate moguls erecting high-rise condominiums which clutter a larger and larger portion of access to the ocean.

"West" wall, flanking one side of Andrews Bay

“West” wall, flanking one side of Andrews Bay.

Two rock “walls” of boulders flank either side of Andrews Bay. The photo below shows the western side. Throughout any given day, inbound and outbound ships can be seen (seldom heard, though, over the constant surf). Gulls circle, an almost constant breeze rustles the growth among the numerous sand dunes…and the occasional, yet somehow unobtrusive bi-plane flies overhead, a banner trailing, advertising seafood.

These walls are inhabited, too. I managed to catch a brave pair of daytime “bandits”, foraging among the rocks…

Intrepid bandits, nestled among the rock wall (zoom in on center)

Intrepid bandits, nestled among the rock wall. (zoom in on center)

…and the occasional very brave one wouldn’t be above begging up close:

Cheeky Little Guy  and arguably certifiable photographer.

Cheeky Little Guy, and arguably certifiable photographer.

For a nominal fee of eight dollars, you can enjoy this gorgeous park, along with access to uncluttered, pristine beach…and if there’s a more beautiful way to cap off a fantastic day at the beach, I’d like to know what it would be, over sitting back, Pina Coladas, the distant cawing of birds…and the gentle but relentless pounding of the surf:

The perfect ending to one gorgeous day!

The perfect ending to one gorgeous day!


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