Two Stellar Vistas!

I love this time of year: late Summer, about to yield the floor to Fall. Depending on how intrepid you are (read: willing to burn the candle on both ends!), there are two profoundly different panoramas of stars available right now. The Sagittarius/Scoprpio region (evenings)…and the Orion region (pre-dawn).

This is because Earth’s night hemisphere is pointing toward opposite sides of the galaxy, depending on whether it’s Spring or Fall. Right now, our night time vista is looking out towards the Scorpion and The Archer. Just before dawn, we’re looking back towards The Hunter. During late March/Early April, the scenario is reversed.

I personally love to get up before dawn (I’ve shared my reasons for this particular variety of insanity in earlier posts!). Orion is emerging now, low in the Southeast, just before the sky begins to turn pink with the encroaching dawn. I’ve always associated Orion with crisp, cool mornings (late September-early October) or crisp, cool evenings (late March-early April).


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